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Omori is your copilot in software design and requirements creation

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Focus on unique tasks

Spend less time on routine! Focus on unique processes and features of your product or project and let AI handle well known features and tasks.

  • Interview

    Prepare, run and process results of User Interview with AI assistant

  • Process description and flowcharts

    Get business process description and bpmn diagram generated by AI based on data from user interview

  • AI tool access

    Create free form requests to various AI tools directly

  • UI wireframes

    Get UI wireframes generated for Use Cases

  • User stories and Use Cases

    Get User Stories with acceptance criteria generated based on the interview or specified topic and detailed Use Case for each Story

  • SRS requirements

    Get SRS requirements generated based on business process description and User Stories

Unlocking full power of AI to speed up your work

Seamlessly integrated tools that will ensure the best results for you

  • ChatGPT
  • Bard
  • Perplexity
  • Whisper
  • Chirp
  • Finish work 5x faster

    Create all required artifacts fast and seamless with AI powered framework specifically designed for BA

  • One stop app

    Don’t loose time and focus switching between tens of apps

  • AI tailored for you

    We are testing and integrating new AI tools and features so you can always work with the best ones

  • Fully customizable

    Customize workflow and templates easily to meet your company standart

  • Pay for one use all

    Don’t pay for each AI tool separately. Pay less and once to use several AI tools integrated into the framework

Why Omori

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Pricing plans

Plans & pricing are designed to meet your needs as you grow

  • Free trial

    Discover what Omori can do for you. 15 days free.

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  • Starter

    Unlock unlimited and private boards with essential features.

    $20 /mo Per month
  • Pro

    Scale collaboration beyond your team with advanced features and security your team with advanced features collaboration beyond your team with advanced

    $50 /mo Per month
  • Business

    Work across your entire organization with support, security and control to scale.

    Per request